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All About Me

Coach Alyssa discovered her passion for fitness as she embarked on becoming a U.S. Marine. Shortly after graduating high school, she was shipped off to Marine boot camp and combat training that incorporated different styles of fitness. After completing her first 4 years on active duty, she needed a goal to focus her attention on. In 2014, she started prepping for an NPC show where she placed 1st in her class. That fueled her fire to compete each year at the same show until she won the overall title. In 2018, she won the Overall and went on to compete in 2 national shows before winning her IFBB Pro card. Back to back, she competed at five pro shows placing in the top 10. Alyssa is a coach who focuses on achieving her clients goals while keeping their health as the 1st priority. There are many fad diets that can make anyone lose weight, but what happens to the client after they achieve their goal? That isn’t a question that Coach Alyssa asks herself. Alyssa has had different coaches throughout her bodybuilding career and has taken what she liked as a client herself. She practices flexible dieting (with mostly whole foods) allowing for a maintainable lifestyle to minimize eating disorders. Alyssa, like many other athletes, has battled through the difficulties of over-dieting, food anxiety, & other eating disorders. The dark places she has walked allows her to connect to so many others. This is why she emphasizes mindset, when the mind and body are connected – it makes for a powerful change! Coach Alyssa incorporates a lot of psychology based guidance. She has her AAS in psychology a, Culinary Arts degree & has also been a NASM certified Personal Trainer & Food Nutrition Specialist since 2016. Coach Alyssa is looking for clients that are committed and persistent. There is no one right way of attaining a goal, with consistency and persistence, it’s a guarantee that you will love the changes and be pleased with the work you have achieved. Alyssa does all of the programming and thinking for you, alll you have to come to her with is your goal and drive to attain it! Alyssa works full time with her clients and even provides in-person training to those that are local to the Portland, OR area. She is passionate about her own training on & off stage. She is currently in prep for her pro comeback after taking her first 1.5 year off since she started competing in 2015. She focuses heavily on her daily routine to sticks to her goals. Starting with a cold shower first thing upon waking up, writing out her gratitude's, checking in, and responding to all clients, then proceeding with her day’s tasks, closing it with reading for 30 minutes before bed. She is sure that setting a daily routine has been the base of her success thus far. When she is not in the gym training clients or herself, she enjoys being outside in the sun, and reading books.

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