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Dan Simpson, a.k.a. Danimal


Dan is one of our several elite coaches we have here at PDX Muscle. Dan, himself is a former bodybuilding competitor, and current power lifting competitor. He also has an incredible self-journey, stemming from an amazing weight loss transformation. He’s been through it all throughout his personal fitness journey, so he is well trained, and prepared to take on every type of client. From standard weight loss clientele, to anyone looking to become a professional athlete.

Dan has been coaching for 15 years. He has a broad range of knowledge on nutrition, and different training styles that benefit every unique person and their body. He specializes in coaching weight transformation, sports rehabilitation, bodybuilding, power lifting, and most importantly building self-confidence without one’s self. He is a loud, and very motivating coach. His interaction with his clients is personal, and professional. Dan is a firm believer on everyone making decisions that make you happy and healthy.

“Make decisions to set your soul on fire.” “Iron sharpens iron.” – Dan “Danimal” Simpson

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